That Mean, Mean, Mean Green

It’s only appropriate to begin the shoe section of this blog by showing you a picture of  the shoes I wore to my 8th grade graduation which was (blank) years ago lol. These shoes started it all!!

My mean green shoes were designed by Bandolino, and my mom picked them up photo 2literally hours before my graduation (it’s kinda funny that the shoes were the last thing to be bought. Now, they are often the first thing I buy when putting together an outfit). The material is leather and as you can see, there’s barely a heel there, but Ohhh how I have advanced!!! 🙂

These shoes perfectly matched my dress and purse that I wore during the ceremony, and green is my mom’s favorite color.

Yes, the mean green has led to a long, everlasting fling with shoes!!

(I’ll try to remember to do a future post about the shoes I wore to my high school and college graduation). 🙂 What pair of shoes do you have that you still love/bring back great memories? Let me know!

photo 3



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