“Food Rut” Be Gone!

Having breakfast on a Sunday is the best!!

In my family, Sunday brunch recipes vary. We do eat out, occassionally, but for the most part we choose to cook at home.

For awhile, we were in sort of a “food rut.” Have you ever been there before? It’s like, you enjoy eating Sunday brunch, but you find yourself cooking the same thing over and over and over again? Food and eating should be satisfying, not just something we do because it’s necessary to survive.

Last year for Black Friday I wanted a images-3waffle iron (I know I’m late ya’ll, don’t judge me). Although I’ve never been much of a waffle eater, I felt it would add variety to our breakfast.  And it certainly has! My dad and I even try to make scrambled eggs more often now (he has perfected his scrambled egg).

What’s your favorite meal for Sunday brunch? Do you like to eat out/cook at home? Share them with me, and I can even try to cook them!

I can’t wait to share more of my favorites!



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