Bruschetta is a Hit!!

It’s been two years as of December 26th that I have been watching my favorite Youtube Chef, Laura Vitale. Ironically, I was recently invited to an Italian Extravaganza and I decided to make an Italian appetizer- Bruschetta. Who did I turn to for her take on this dish? Yep, Laura Vitale!!

Here’s her video on how to make bruschetta.

But, do you know what’s even MORE ironic? I watched this video on December 26th (again my two year Laura in the Kitchen viewing anniversary) and the bruschetta video is her 1st ever cooking video on youtube!!  Realizing this made me more confident that my tomato and basil bruschetta would turn out good. Needless to say, from the title of this blog post, the bruschetta was a hit! bruschetta


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