Shoes in my Purse, Shoes on My Desk

My 2015-2016 Shoe Calendar

My 2015-2016 Shoe Calendar

This year, I decided to keep with my theme from last year and order another shoe calendar. For 2014 my shoe calendar was for my desk, this year it’s a 2-year pocket calendar for my purse.

The only thing I dislike about the pocket calendar is that the only picture of a shoe appears on the calendar’s cover, whereas in the 2014 calendar there was a new shoe each week and a collection of shoes for the month!

Since we are on the topic of organization, I am considering writing a blog post about how I organize my shoes. Hopefully the tips I share will inspire you to organize your shoe closet!

2014 Shoe Calendar

2014 Shoe Calendar

Monthly Shoes

Monthly Shoes

March "Shoe of the Week"

March “Shoe of the Week”


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