ShoesDay Edition: The Closet

I’ve mentioned it before on this blog that someday I WILL have a shoe closet.

My friend Dejah (who is a shoe lover and avid reader of this blog) and I started a “shoe closet” board on Pinterest.

I recently found the image below (I can’t remember if I added it to our Pinterest board or not) and I’m contemplating having a shoe closet similar to this, especially because it’s purple!

closetThe feeling I get from knowing that my shoes are on display is difficult to describe! I just LOVE knowing that I will be able to shop my own closet!

Shoelovers, am I crazy? Let me know!

Happy Shoesday! 🙂


Beans and Cornbread for Brunch


Maybe someday I’ll get to Sweetie Pies restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri. But until then, I’ll settle for Beans and Cornbread in my local area.

Last Weekend, my family and I visited this restaurant known for its delicious Southern-Style Cooking. We had a Southern-style brunch that included but was not limited to: mimosa’s, (yes, I ordered this first, don’t judge me) sweet potato waffles, grits, cat fish, fresh fruit, chicken, pancakes… you understand, right? Oh and did I mention the price is VERY reasonable?

Now, it would be nice of me to slap a picture right here of all the previously mentioned delicious food. Instead, I’m hoping the menu description will suffice and you will be moved to give this restaurant a try for yourself!

Disclaimer– The thoughts/opinions shared in this blog post are my own, as I was not authorized by Bean And Cornbread to write or post this blog.

Sour Breakfast Sweetness

I refused to leave the store without getting a loaf of bread to make perfect, homemade french toast.

About two Sundays ago, I prepared an impromptu brunch for myself which included scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, and homemade cinnamon french toast. Of course, the key to good french toast is the right bread.

The Sourdough bread never lost its texture will soaking up the batter for French Toast.

The Sourdough bread never lost its texture while soaking up the batter for French Toast.

A sales associate at my local Meijer grocery store sold me sourdough bread, guaranteeing that it would hold up well for french toast because of its stiffness. She was right! I left the bread out a few hours before making the french toast, and then assembled the rest of the ingredients. Sidenote: for this french toast recipe i didn’t measure anything. I literally eyeballed it. I added eggs, whole milk, butter milk, and lots of cinnamon. The result? Deliciousness on a plate!Unknown-2

Pick up some sourdough bread and treat yourself to a nice brunch!

P.S. — don’t forget the mimosa!

ShoesDay Edition: Barely There

Summer is the season where most people tend to get away with wearing less on purpose. While I’m not advocating this style, I couldn’t help noticing that this trend has presented itself in the world of shoes by means of the Barely There Sandals. Unknown-1

These sandals give your foot minimum coverage, and minimum support. However, paired with the right jeans, and or skirt, (and a nice pedicure, of course) these shoes provide a sexy look for the summer since the entire arch of the foot is shown.

I only own one pair (got them from Target). They are a nude pair with a black ankle strap which provides a nice color contrast to the shoe. Ladies, be prepared to walk on the ball of your foot in these sandals. Yes, this is just one more thing that we do (or wear) for the sake of beauty.