Beans and Cornbread for Brunch


Maybe someday I’ll get to Sweetie Pies restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri. But until then, I’ll settle for Beans and Cornbread in my local area.

Last Weekend, my family and I visited this restaurant known for its delicious Southern-Style Cooking. We had a Southern-style brunch that included but was not limited to: mimosa’s, (yes, I ordered this first, don’t judge me) sweet potato waffles, grits, cat fish, fresh fruit, chicken, pancakes… you understand, right? Oh and did I mention the price is VERY reasonable?

Now, it would be nice of me to slap a picture right here of all the previously mentioned delicious food. Instead, I’m hoping the menu description will suffice and you will be moved to give this restaurant a try for yourself!

Disclaimer– The thoughts/opinions shared in this blog post are my own, as I was not authorized by Bean And Cornbread to write or post this blog.


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