A Simple Pairing

Peanut Butter and Jelly.

Steak and Potatoes.

Shrimp and Grits.

Most people would agree that you can’t have one of the above mentioned items without the other.

So, here’s my question: Can you have brunch without a mimosa?

I’d argue that you could, but a mimosa certainly tops it off! Yes, fresh orange juice and fine champagne on your palette during a delicious brunch (featuring french toast- of course) is oh so good! mmosa

Here’s a few Mimosa Facts for you that I didn’t even know about:

— The mimosa was invented at the Ritz Hotel in Paris in 1925. It’s widely believed, though, that a French bartender stole the idea from a London tavern that calls their almost identical concoction “Buck’s Fizz” around the same time.

— The mimosa is named after the mimosa flower, a bright orange/yellow blossom native to southern Mexico and Central and South America.

(Facts courtesy of Redstone American Grill)


Wait… It’s not Sunday?!

You can probably tell by now that french toast is one of my favorite things to have when I go out for brunch.

This pic is of the very berry creme-brulee french toast at the Mack Avenue Grille. It’s delicious! The perfect bite gives you savory french toast, a sweetness from the berries (strawberries, rasberries and blueberries) and the creme-brulee filling. But get this: I have NEVER had this dish for brunch. I’ve eaten it during the weekdays with my co-workers, but somehow this dish always me feel as if it’s Sunday and it’s time for brunch.

Do you have a favorite food that you MUST have when you eat brunch?!

DELICIOUSNESS on a plate!!!

DELICIOUSNESS on a plate!!!

A (Pre) Discovered Breakfast Spot

My dad and I thought that we had found a new secret dining spot. Well… as it turned out, my mom and my sister had known about this place years prior!

Regardless of that fact, it was early last summer when my dad and I went for breakfast at Zoe’s House of Pancakes in a nearby suburb. If I’m not mistaken, my dad had pecan pancakes and loved them. My dish was apple cinnamon french toast (as seen below) and I enjoyed that as well.


Next up on the list of places to visit: Sweet Potato Sensations for their take on a classic sweet and salty combo: Chicken and Waffles 🙂

Beans and Cornbread for Brunch


Maybe someday I’ll get to Sweetie Pies restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri. But until then, I’ll settle for Beans and Cornbread in my local area.

Last Weekend, my family and I visited this restaurant known for its delicious Southern-Style Cooking. We had a Southern-style brunch that included but was not limited to: mimosa’s, (yes, I ordered this first, don’t judge me) sweet potato waffles, grits, cat fish, fresh fruit, chicken, pancakes… you understand, right? Oh and did I mention the price is VERY reasonable?

Now, it would be nice of me to slap a picture right here of all the previously mentioned delicious food. Instead, I’m hoping the menu description will suffice and you will be moved to give this restaurant a try for yourself!

Disclaimer– The thoughts/opinions shared in this blog post are my own, as I was not authorized by Bean And Cornbread to write or post this blog.

Sour Breakfast Sweetness

I refused to leave the store without getting a loaf of bread to make perfect, homemade french toast.

About two Sundays ago, I prepared an impromptu brunch for myself which included scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, and homemade cinnamon french toast. Of course, the key to good french toast is the right bread.

The Sourdough bread never lost its texture will soaking up the batter for French Toast.

The Sourdough bread never lost its texture while soaking up the batter for French Toast.

A sales associate at my local Meijer grocery store sold me sourdough bread, guaranteeing that it would hold up well for french toast because of its stiffness. She was right! I left the bread out a few hours before making the french toast, and then assembled the rest of the ingredients. Sidenote: for this french toast recipe i didn’t measure anything. I literally eyeballed it. I added eggs, whole milk, butter milk, and lots of cinnamon. The result? Deliciousness on a plate!Unknown-2

Pick up some sourdough bread and treat yourself to a nice brunch!

P.S. — don’t forget the mimosa!

Odd Day for Brunch?

Maybe I’m super late in finding out that one of my favorite restaurants serves brunch not only on Sundays, but Saturdays too!!

While I am excited about this news, it also seems a bit strange bravo-restaurant-greenwood-indiana[1]since I rarely think of brunch being appropriate for a Saturday.

Nevertheless, the restaurant Bravo offers its full brunch menu on Saturdays now which means that I can order my stuffed French toast and a refreshing peach Bellini on a Saturday. Umm… #Winning! imagesStuffed-Berry-French-Toast63EDstuffed-french-toast[1]

What do you think? Is brunch meant JUST for Sundays? Just for the weekend? Or any day?

Southern Style Sunday-Shrimp and Grits

Today I’m reminiscing on a dinner I had last weekend, but this meal could also be used for breakfast and brunch.

The dish is shrimp and grits. It sounds simple because it is.

I won’t go into a detailed recipe, because I’ve learned there are many th5QWS9L87variations to this classic dish. When cooking the grits we made them very rich, using half and half, cheese, butter, and seasoning occasionally with salt and pepper. Fresh chopped parsley was added for a little hint of color. The shrimp were lightly seasoned, sautéed, and then added to the grits which equaled a big pot of deliciousness!

My dad cooked white bass fish as we had extra, and we enjoyed Italian moscato which paired great with the seafood.

What’s your variation of shrimp and grits? And if you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for?!

For a brief history of this iconic pairing click here!