Sweet, Sweet Sunday!

Cinnamon is one of my favorite spices.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that one of my favorite treats is a cinnamon roll. I LOVE having a cinnamon roll on random occasions as a post breakfast treat with a cold glass of milk. To me, it’s a comforting, warm and sweet treat that always puts a smile on my face.

Typically I buy the Pillsbury brand to just quickly separate the dough and place it into the oven. Moments after it’s done, I spread the frosting over it (while the rolls are still warm) and I eat and enjoy! (I’m seriously salivating as I type this).

Maybe someday I’ll have the determination to make the rolls from scratch just as cook Laura Vitale does here:




Football, Food, and Father-Daughter Memories

The marriage of food and football this morning was a perfect idea, and all the credit goes to my dad.

Typically on a Sunday I like to sleep in, but I told my dad I would wake up early and begin cooking with him around 8 a.m. This would give us enough time to make a nice breakfast/brunch just in time for the special football game today in London. food We decided to keep the menu simple: Grits, bacon, biscuits, scrambled eggs, coffee, and bloody Mary’s.

It was not only a great meal, but this morning served as a reminder of what cooking is all about: making memories in the kitchen. My dad has always been the cook in the house, and it’s only been in recent years that I’ve decided to join him in the kitchen and cook. That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Whenever my dad and I cook together we end up talking about funny moments from the week, and discussing new ideas. It’s also a time when we learn new cooking tricks/tips (such as how to make PERFECT, and yes I mean, PERFECT scrambled eggs- something my dad admits he’s only mastered as of late).

What’s most fun for you while cooking?! Let me know below or at brunchandpumps@gmail.com


In/Not In France? Make French Toast (rollups)

Pinterest is a great site to gather ideas-especially for food.

One of the breakfast ideas I tried and enjoyed were the French Toast Rollups. Dee.lish.cious. It’s a cute spin

Add some warm syrup to the roll ups and you are good to go!

Add some warm syrup to the roll ups and you are good to go!

on a classic favorite. In my opinion, it’s a way to indulge, but not feel bad about your decision TO indulge, ya know? Also, for those with young ones at home, or those that may not get in the kitchen often, this is a great dish to make because of its simplicity and presentation.

Give French Toast Roll-ups a try for your next breakfast, brunch, or snack!

Here's the process for making these delicious roll ups.

Here’s the process for making these delicious roll ups.

Why the Love for Food?

Everyone has a reason behind why they enjoy food, why they like to cook, stories in the kitchen and dinner table, etc. Since part of this blog is dedicated to food, I would be remise if I didn’t mention one of my favorite cooks on Youtube-Laura Vitale. She has an online cooking show titled Laura in the Kitchen, and this Saturday, September 27th her new television show Simply Laura airs on the Cooking Channel.

Since I began watching Laura in the Kitchen almost two years ago, I’ve gotten a different take on food and cooking. Nowadays, being in the kitchen and making meals for others doesn’t seem like much of a challenge. Her recipes are easy to follow and pleasing to the palette!

Here’s a look at one of her cooking videos from Youtube (a recipe that I’m planning to make since apples are in THE food to cook with since it’s Fall)  and be sure to check out Simply Laura this Saturday!


Happy Cooking!


“Food Rut” Be Gone!

Having breakfast on a Sunday is the best!!

In my family, Sunday brunch recipes vary. We do eat out, occassionally, but for the most part we choose to cook at home.

For awhile, we were in sort of a “food rut.” Have you ever been there before? It’s like, you enjoy eating Sunday brunch, but you find yourself cooking the same thing over and over and over again? Food and eating should be satisfying, not just something we do because it’s necessary to survive.

Last year for Black Friday I wanted a images-3waffle iron (I know I’m late ya’ll, don’t judge me). Although I’ve never been much of a waffle eater, I felt it would add variety to our breakfast.  And it certainly has! My dad and I even try to make scrambled eggs more often now (he has perfected his scrambled egg).

What’s your favorite meal for Sunday brunch? Do you like to eat out/cook at home? Share them with me, and I can even try to cook them!

I can’t wait to share more of my favorites!


The Beginning of Brunch and Pumps

Sooner or later this blog was going to happen. During the summer of 2014 (and really, much longer than that when I think about it) I received numerous comments of encouragement and inspiration from friends, family, shoe lovers, and foodies regarding starting a new blog dedicated to shoes and food (two things I love).

This blog will explore my affinity for shoes (a passion I’ve had since I was 12 years old), and my reason behind being a “foodie.” Yes, I enjoy a good meal, and I like to cook (breakfast in particular) and Italian food is my favorite.

On this blog, I’ll take you along as I cook breakfast, brunch (a few dinner meals will be thrown in too) and head to the mall/stores to review some of my favorite shoes and the shoe styles of the season.

Welcome to Brunch & Pumps!