Shoes in my Purse, Shoes on My Desk

My 2015-2016 Shoe Calendar

My 2015-2016 Shoe Calendar

This year, I decided to keep with my theme from last year and order another shoe calendar. For 2014 my shoe calendar was for my desk, this year it’s a 2-year pocket calendar for my purse.

The only thing I dislike about the pocket calendar is that the only picture of a shoe appears on the calendar’s cover, whereas in the 2014 calendar there was a new shoe each week and a collection of shoes for the month!

Since we are on the topic of organization, I am considering writing a blog post about how I organize my shoes. Hopefully the tips I share will inspire you to organize your shoe closet!

2014 Shoe Calendar

2014 Shoe Calendar

Monthly Shoes

Monthly Shoes

March "Shoe of the Week"

March “Shoe of the Week”


I Unexpectedly Saw Red…

It appears on the bottom of only a select pair of shoes against a variety of colors and materials and adds to the complete design of the product, making it a work of art on the foot of any Shoelover. It’s the coveted red sole.

Red Bottoms



Louboutin’s” (mistakingly called Louis Vuitton’s- Yes there is a HUGE difference)

Whatever you refer to these shoes as is neither here nor there, all I know is





side heels

“Rolando” heels by Christian Louboutin

Honestly, my dear shoe lovers, I’m still in shock myself. My disbelief is largely the reason why I’m able to write this post as opposed to jumping for joy and not being able to contain my excitement! But you know what, my happy-calmness is actually EXACTLY how I want to feel.

For me, my Louboutin heels are more than just the shoe, they are what the shoe represents.


Photography by Lena Johnson

For some people, purchasing their first pair of Louboutin’s is about status and all that “supposedly” comes with being a Louboutin owner. True, it is nice to say I own a pair of what MANY people believe to be ridiculously overpriced and uncomfortable designer shoes. But, considering that I wasn’t expecting to be able to purchase them so soon (from a financial standpoint) the shoe serves as a reminder to me that 1) anything is possible and 2) there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself periodically.

Yes, I own a pair of Louboutins.

Yes, I bought them for a RIDICULOUSLY  AMAZING  price.

And Yes, I’m still a shoe lover whether they are designer shoes or not.



Golf and Heels???

Today’s “ShoesDay” topic is another Shoes as Art post.

This piece of artwork has actually been in my room for awhile, and was the first “shoe picture” I ever received.

The picture combines shoes (which of course you all know I love) but if you look closely,shoesandgolf you’ll see a man with a gold club in his hand preparing to tee off. The golfer in the picture serves a purpose too, because at the time I was really into the game of golf (yes, I had a huge crush on Tiger Woods, whereas now the crush has dwindled and I only get around to watching/playing golf occasionally).

I think it’s interesting though that a simple piece of artwork can hold meaning and memories. I’m glad I still have this piece in my Shoes as Art collection.

“ShoesDay” Memory

Happy “ShoesDay!”

I recently had someone ask me what was the best customer service experience I’ve ever had. They said it could be an experience from the grocery store, at a restaurant, anywhere! And what experience did I choose? An experience at the shoe store! Did you really think I was going to say anywhere else?

Last fall, I tried on a pair of Christian Louboutin’s. I’d had my eye on the Pigalle, (the classic pointed toe heel) or the Bianna (which is the round toe Pump).
















The store I was at didn’t have either of those selections, but the sales rep showed me the Very Prive and I fell in love!! It’s a high heel, peep toe pump, and the red from the sole splashes through on the toe box. Very classy shoe. Of course I was in love with a totally different shoe about a week later when his new collection was revealed, but that’s another story for another time…

Very Prive

Very Prive


Most people that have or want Louboutin’s say that his shoes aren’t comfortable? What are your thoughts? Would you buy a shoe for cuteness or comfort?

The Beginning of Brunch and Pumps

Sooner or later this blog was going to happen. During the summer of 2014 (and really, much longer than that when I think about it) I received numerous comments of encouragement and inspiration from friends, family, shoe lovers, and foodies regarding starting a new blog dedicated to shoes and food (two things I love).

This blog will explore my affinity for shoes (a passion I’ve had since I was 12 years old), and my reason behind being a “foodie.” Yes, I enjoy a good meal, and I like to cook (breakfast in particular) and Italian food is my favorite.

On this blog, I’ll take you along as I cook breakfast, brunch (a few dinner meals will be thrown in too) and head to the mall/stores to review some of my favorite shoes and the shoe styles of the season.

Welcome to Brunch & Pumps!